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Ciudad Perdida Ecolodge features two single room bungalows, 1 Room Bungalows, 2 Room Bungalows that are equipped to make your stay a pleasant and comfortable experience!

This Project is part of the expansion program of Cahuita Tours, that has more than 25 years experience working in the tourism sector with excellent results. It began with thanks to a graduation project of one of our initial partners, the Mora-Streber family, as an Ecolodge Design Proposal for the culmination of the University of Costa Rica´s ecotourism course.

The Project focuses on the Caribbean architecture, using an English-Victorian style, typical of the Caribbean. The wood used is from a forest plantation, assuring the construction does not contribute to the indiscriminate destruction of the native forest.

The houses, with a Victorian English design, represent the original Caribbean architecture and they are equipped to make your stay a pleasant and comfortable experience!

Ciudad Perdida offers the visitors manicured and exotic gardens, surrounded by tropical vegetation both of the private ground and also by the Cahuita National Park rainforests, with which we border.

We also offer a beautiful restaurant, where breakfast is served daily by our friendly Costa Rican staff.

Some of the comforts and services that we offers are:

* Air conditioning
* Ceiling Fans *
* 3 houses with kitchen
* Jacuzzi
* Comfortable beds
* Hammocks *
* Refrigerator *
* Coffeemakers *
* Safe deposit box *
* Laundry service
* Tours in the zone
* Internet
*T.v Cable


Telephones: (506) 2755-0303 & (506) 2755-0606
Email: info@ciudadperdidaecolodge.com
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