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Cahuita Tours is a small, tourist-friendly company located in the center or Cahuita (100 meters south of the Rural Guard Association). We offer to the public information and services of all the South Caribbean, including hotels, restaurants, tours, reservation of tourist buses, flight confirmations, public bus itineraries, car rental, currency exchange, etc. Likewise, as we operate tours of all the Costa Rican Caribbean coast, our services extend to include the terrain of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, in the Republic of Panama.

We began in the 1980´s as a new subsistence alternative, in response to the historical events occurring in the region the Sigatoca negra in the Banana tree (1976), the Lethal Yellow of the Coconut Palm (1977), the declaration of Cahuita National Park (1978), oil exploration (1981) and the Monília disease that put an end to the chocolate production, which was until recently the foundation of the local economy.

From the inception, we have been distinguished for our extensive and excellent service, complete with a knowledgeable and amiable staff including tour leaders known throughout the region for their expertise. The personnel are trained in biology, the majority coming from the University of Costa Rica, as well as the ICT & INT (ecological training institutions of Costa Rica). Moreover, the staff is continuously augmented by new graduates, for the most up-to-date information available.

CAHUITA: The village (pop.3000), located 45 km south of Puerto Limon and 1 km east of highway. 36 is a Premium destination for tourist of all ages, desiring a dream vacation! The name ¨ Cahuita¨  is a combination of the Miskito words cawi ( a type of redwood tree that flourishes in the coastal lowlands) and ¨ta¨ (a point of land) Cahuita is an  evolution of these words, which come together to signify ¨Mahogany point¨.


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