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Ecological tourism or ecotourism is visiting or traveling to areas in which the ecosystems have not been significantly altered, with the intention of appreciating nature and promoting conservation while keeping a sense of responsibility at the same time. This type of tourism  has low environmental impact and provides social, cultural and environmental development in a responsible manner, while maintaining a delicate balance with the care of the natural surroundings.


These are the 4 main highlights of an ecotourism experience:

  • Maximum satisfaction
  • Less negative environmental impact
  • High respect for local culture
  • Financial benefit for the country

An Ecolodge is a lodge that meets specific ecotourism sustainability guidelines. It is the responsible way to stay in a region and integrate oneself into the culture.

The word ¨lodge¨ comes from the English language, and means a type of guardhouse. It was used to refer to the Kenyan National Park hotels which were quite small with very few rooms. In protected areas, these hotels could usually only accept several tourists at one time. These hotels have shifted their names to ¨ecolodges¨. Surrounded by nature, these hotels, dedicated to the progression of ecotourism, are wonderful places to stay, relax and learn.


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The three main objectives of an Ecolodge are to:

  • Promote conservation of the surrounding environment
  • Benefit the local community
  • Educate both locals and tourist with the purpose of helping all to better understand the natural system as a whole, facilitating an integrative experience.

Ciudad Perdida Ecolodge is located in a very beautiful area of Costa Rica and meets all the necessary criteria to be considered an official Ecolodge.


  • Promote conservation of the flora and fauna of the surrounding environment
  • Work in cooperation with the local community
  • Hold interpretative programs to educate both employees and tourists about the natural and cultural environments of the region, facilitating a more whole experience.
  • Provide a careful control of solid matter and residual water waste.
  • Use traditional construction Technologies and materials (or a combination of traditional with modern, only when absolutely necessary), in order to promote sustainability
  • Create the least amount of impact in the natural surroundings during construction
  • Utilize construction techniques that fit into a specific cultural and physical emphasis on shape, landscape, colors all with regard towards traditional architecture of the region.

We hope that you come to join us at Ciudad Perdida Ecolodge! We are looking forward to making your visit an integral and wholly sustainable experience.


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